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I started my career in Microsoft's business application platform (also known as Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement + Power Platform) in 2014 when I joined Axxon Consulting. That was a turning point in my professional career, but I didn't know it then.

Before my time at Axxon Consulting I worked implementing CRMs but everything I knew was self-taught. From the software I was implementing to the methodology. When I joined Axxon I didn't know Dynamics CRM so I had to learn it very fast. In less than a week after joining the company, I started participating in customer meetings together with the project leader. At that time, there were two great sources of knowledge for me: Tip of the Day and the CRM Book from PowerObjects.

During those years I learned all about Dynamics CRM, but even more importantly I learned what it meant to be a Consultant, a Pre-Sales and a Solution Architect. Lucky for me, I had amazing peers and inspiring mentors to learn from.

Backstage photo of the recording of the Banco Ciudad - Axxon success story. 2016.

In 2017, after my wife and I decided to move to Spain, I joined Infoavan. Again, it was a smart choice that boosted my career in a way I couldn't even imagine at the time. Over the last four years I developed my "community profile", contributing to different initiatives, speaking at public events, organizing in-person and online events, and more. I became MVS (Microsoft Valuable Seller), MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer), and had the opportunity to learn from top professionals (and not only at a technical level).

Photo of the session at Resco.Next Rome - 2019, for Infoavan

This year, after years of thinking of PowerObjects as the example that every partner should follow, I was offered to join them as a Solutions Architect in the EMEA pre-sales team. It was an opportunity I never thought I would have, but I did.

I am very excited about the challenges I will face and all that I will have the opportunity to learn. New winds are blowing and I can't wait to see where they take me.

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