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This year I was honored for the second year in a row with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Enterprise Applications recognition.

During the past year I continued my contribution in the community as usual, with several sessions at online events (yes, no need to clarify that they were online events only) but I also started my own project with some colleagues: Power 365 Initiatives.

It was a difficult year for everyone, and for me it was no exception, with a great loss on a personal level. It was also a year of challenges and changes.

I overcame my fear of public speaking in English and exhibited at many events (Summit EMEA, Extreme 365 and many 365 Saturdays), and that opened up new professional opportunities.

After much delay, we launched the first "Power 365 Initiatives" actions, and we are currently planning new ones.

I can only say "Thank You" to Microsoft for the recognition and trust they placed in me to continue as an MVP, as an ambassador of the amazing platform they created, to those MVPs and professionals who constantly inspired and challenged me, and to my family for their unconditional support.

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